Twin Engine Coffee asked me rebrand their single origin coffee. This is still an ongoing process but we are heading towards a strong, proud of its roots premium coffee with an edge that reminds you of Tokyo Neon. Communicating simply and straightforward without losing that boyish wonder you get when handed a package. Believe me. You want this coffee.

Twin Engine Coffee-Design

A vintage angle for the brand

Redesign the wordmark and optimising visibility on a vertical packaging.
We chose to to go with a 12 degree upward angle while refreshing the current wordmark into a more balanced and classy logo.

Twin EngineCoffee-Branding-GraphicDesign-Logo2


Twin Engine Coffee offers a wide variety of coffees. Ranging from Elefante to Cuban Style each unique in flavor and notes. Every coffee is currently packed in a pristine white bag with stamps to indicate the taste. The white bag was very recognisable within the coffee community but the stamp for flavor however, was not.

We wanted to create a design system where buyers can find information easily and on the same place with each style of coffee.  And visualise the taste by incorporating the colorful culture, flora and fauna of Nicaragua.

Twin Engine Coffee Farm Matagalpa

Visiting and talking to the farmers in the northern regions.


Coffee shading leaves as elements on the packaging.

Animals, tools and plants all contribute to unique taste.

Rethinking Packaging

Now we knew what we wanted to communicate visually, we needed to rethink the current packaging. We want people to be able to bring a part of Nicaragua into their houses.
We also wanted each corner and hidden edges to have thoughtful meaning.

Now we all live right here. Owners, farmers, roasters, designers you name it. Right here in the middle of Leon, Nicaragua. We walk here early in the  morning while tortilla ladies walk the streets. We drink rum at night among Gigantona while kids shout poems with large drums. Now this, we think, resonates in the work we are doing. Luckily.

As a team we sprouted ideas while constantly surrounding ourselves with inspiring places. In the cafe's serving our coffee. At the coffee farms in Matagalpa and sometimes in backyards with dark rum and Cuban cigars.


The large, colored colonial houses function as inspiration.

Housing our coffee

Literally. The Colonial buildings here are colorful and maintain a strict 2 tone variation of the a wide variety of contrasting colors. Top. Bottom. Constant.
This is a system we looked for. Ticking color and system of our concept list.



Coffee4-Packaging-Amsterdam-Brand-Identity Freelance Nederland

More than meets the eye

Home is where you take a bit of Nicaragua. We don't want the journey to end there. Taking out the coffee should hold some secrets.

Coffee-Packaging-Design-Brand-Identity Freelance Nederland

Coffee2-Packaging-Amsterdam-Brand-Identity Freelance Nederland

Coffee-Packaging-Amsterdam-Brand-Identity Freelance Nederland


Twin Engine Coffee-Cup In use-Design-01

Custom illustration, linework within the boxed design system

wout de jong brand designer Dragonball-Reimagined-Crossover7-Comicbook
Reimagining Original Dragonball

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